you are all hot and bothered

(pertains to one kind of cake form the matrix 2)
If you had this one cake you would be all hot and bothered

I want cake!
by Lauren October 29, 2003
term used to describe a guy who is acting gay, usually used as an insult towards a heterosexual male
Stop being such a cake and get your shit done.
by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
1. A band. An awesome one at that. With amazing songs such as Never There, The Distance, Short Skirt Long Jacket, Frank Sinatra and many more.

2. A delicious pastry.
1. Cake is one of my most favourite bands. My favourite song by them is Frank Sinatra.

2. Cake is tasty!
by Tim Gaertener October 03, 2010
Name given to a tea-phobic teen after been hit on the back the head unknowingly, this leads to embarisment as it seems that the cake stain is seaman.

the teen, or 'cake', then realises his hair is covered in 'spunk' after an african friend consults him about it, this leads to cake getting angry with the prankers s he is left embarresed and will forever be known as cake - or shirley
gareth rose.

blah blah blah blah cake.
by McLovin' 69 October 14, 2007
3rd coast talk for someone spending time with his girl instead of chillin wit his boys
That nigga always likes to cake wit his girl instead of ballin...
by tha_original_jacket July 30, 2006
the best food ever and the best way to get fat, fast!!
i'm gonna go have 11 cakes cuz i want to be fat!!
by lil1189 October 05, 2005
The code word of going all the way with somone or haveing sex.
She has eaten cake with him like 7 times.
by tess September 07, 2005
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