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Marik is a boy that will always love his homeland, no matter how far away from it he is. He is a caring, loving guy and will most of his life go by Mark. He loves his only one life, his soul mate. He is atheist, vegetarian, and liberal. He is loving, caring, and smart. He doesn't take things for granted. You meet this guy, you're probably not gonna likehim, except his love.
Fuck, Marik is such a realist.
by PeeweeHerman July 04, 2012
when something is cool or amazing beyond belief.
kind of like "fetch" in mean girls, except better.
OC member 1:"i went to an amazing party yesterday and got so drunk that i threw up in a bucket."

OC member 2:"DUDE, that's SO CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!"
by peeweeherman April 23, 2008

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