When you stab someone with a blunt object then proceed to flog them with a fish (preferably halibut)
mister guy: WOAH MAN I TOTALLY CAKED YOU IN THAT GAME! Samson: Who the hell are you and where's my lunch.
by Jeffery Lamsburg August 20, 2005
One who wears so much makeup not only to cover thier pocked and bedragled skin but to conceal who they are on the inside. It's a pathetic attempt to hide the real person within.
Judging from the amount of makeup on this girls face, I could say with certainty that she was a total Cake and I didn't even wanna think about the skeletons she had in her closet.
by starkravingmad November 20, 2004
to perform the act of anal sex. To have an interest in anal sex.
greek girls seem to be down with the cake
by badbob August 21, 2004
a female with a fat ass
Look at those cakes
by Jermeshia Ames February 10, 2004
something that has to do with yayo,crack,dope
fucc losin' weight back on these highways pushin' cake
by North End Murdera November 17, 2003
term used to describe a guy who is acting gay, usually used as an insult towards a heterosexual male
Stop being such a cake and get your shit done.
by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
If you come across a cake, a weighted companion cube with hearts on it, and a sacistic uber bitch robot named GLaDOS, do NOT go near them!
GLaDOS: I promise, I'll give you cake at the end of this chamber

Chell: Screw you, bitch! I'm out of here.
by Shartruse August 18, 2008

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