Scat play. Used because it's so much nicer than asking someone if they like shit.(not to mention how similar the textures can be once chewed in the mouth.)
Hey irl, got cake?(usually followed with a quick little playful smear...)
by Sombra Pagan July 12, 2004
1.adj.Abrnormal or offensive person or object.
2.adv.Abnormal or offensive action or expression.
3.v.Vocal expression connotating retardation or instability of one's self.
4.v.The name given to the eccentric noise of the notorious cake bird.
5.Replacement for any noun, adjective or adverb; generally used when no appropriate or more appropriate alternative is able to be thought of.
1."Andrew, you are so cake."
2."Emma is acting quite cake."
3."Casey keeps saying 'cake'; that girl's got something wrong with her."
5a."Daniel, fix youre head; it's such a... cake!"
5b."Daniel, fix your head; it's so.... cake!"
5c."Daniel, fix your head; it's acting... cake!"
by Supercake Allstar February 03, 2004
verb: to become so exhausted or intoxicated that you fall asleep in the middle of a social event. There is a certain connotation of defeat; to cake is to fail to keep up with the mind and body punishing schedules of your peers. A shortening of the phrase driving the Hostess Twinkie truck, which has the same meaning.
1. "Guys, I gotta go home, I'm about to cake."
2. "Oh, Eric's caked over there on the couch."
by Meghan January 29, 2004
an easy and/or enjoyable task
That physics final was cake!
by Bungalow Bill December 12, 2001
the act of having sexual intercourse
Hey, did you hear that Kailey and David had cake-like activities?
by Kelz22 November 13, 2006
someone who is always high, usually from smoking illegal substances; baked
When he showed up for class he was total cake.
by Sarah March 14, 2005
n. Used to describe a big ass. Referring to ass-cakes, or beef/cheesecake. Used as a noun only.
That girl's got -cake-.
by Bexx January 28, 2005
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