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money the dough stuff u need to buy food and water
by im baaaacccckkk October 05, 2003
3 8
slang term for money
I got to go to work and make that cake.
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
4 9
A kind of food, made from eggs and flour topped with frosting. Usually served for desert on special occasions.
Your mom likes cake.
by Almacen April 21, 2003
4 9
n. Used to describe a big ass. Referring to ass-cakes, or beef/cheesecake. Used as a noun only.
That girl's got -cake-.
by Bexx January 28, 2005
5 11

Originating in Worcester, MA by accidentally mixing two sayings together. The word cake replaced the insult, Asshole.

"You're a cake!" is the equivalent of saying "You're an asshole!"
"You're a cake!" is the equivalent of saying "You're an asshole!"

"I'm such a cake." would obviously be "I'm such an asshole."
by Bungle July 06, 2004
7 13
fat,huge not thin chubby
dizzam that gurl is made of cake
by WING January 24, 2004
2 8
you are all hot and bothered

(pertains to one kind of cake form the matrix 2)
If you had this one cake you would be all hot and bothered

I want cake!
by Lauren October 29, 2003
3 9