To laugh hysterically after smoking marijuana.
Will you guys stop caking, it not that funny.
That guy makes me cake.
by Dale Peterson November 02, 2007
Slang and somewhat cryptic for 'marijuana' or for using marijuana (caking). Used in circles and groups where marijuana is illegal to possess. Can be used in conjunction with other like 'cake' terms and accessories. Useful in situations that legally require the hiding of the intention to 'cake', such as telephone conversations in which the objective is to acquire some cake.

('Baker' - refers to a person who may sell or distribute cake.)

('cake-pan' may refer to the instrument in which the cake is baked.)

('cake-on-my-face' refers to someone who has eaten their share of cake and is beginning to show obvious signs of having recently eaten cake... i.e. "cake-eyed", or "birthday caked")

It is interesting and noteworthy to mention that the term 'baker' can also be used to identify the person who consumes the cake... meaning 'Whoever baked it caked it.', however it is most often used to identify the provider of cake provisions for a fee that is not unlikely to produce buyer's remorse... an emotional response to buying overpriced 'fancy' cakes or accessories.

The term 'hunger' when used in conjunction with 'cake' refers to the effect of the cake on the eater. If a caker is full of cake, he or she has had enough to eat and is thereby full of cake. If cake-hunger persists after a caking has taken place, a brief to moderate waiting period may be observed to ascertain the quality of the said cake... but in most cases a second helping of cake will stave off hunger and provide the desired fullness.
"I need to get caked, bad!"

"Man, I was so damn 'caked' last night I shat my pants up in 'ere."

"Shit, I am out of cake! Call up the baker so we's a get s'more sweet-ass Betty Crocker, bitches."

"That cake wasn't as filling as it should have been. Let's bake up anotha."
by chrychek November 20, 2006
the act of having sexual intercourse
Hey, did you hear that Kailey and David had cake-like activities?
by Kelz22 November 13, 2006
someone who is always high, usually from smoking illegal substances; baked
When he showed up for class he was total cake.
by Sarah March 14, 2005
1.adj.Abrnormal or offensive person or object.
2.adv.Abnormal or offensive action or expression.
3.v.Vocal expression connotating retardation or instability of one's self.
4.v.The name given to the eccentric noise of the notorious cake bird.
5.Replacement for any noun, adjective or adverb; generally used when no appropriate or more appropriate alternative is able to be thought of.
1."Andrew, you are so cake."
2."Emma is acting quite cake."
3."Casey keeps saying 'cake'; that girl's got something wrong with her."
5a."Daniel, fix youre head; it's such a... cake!"
5b."Daniel, fix your head; it's so.... cake!"
5c."Daniel, fix your head; it's acting... cake!"
by Supercake Allstar February 03, 2004
the act of a boy trying to pick up females and always striking out
damn, that nigga be caking.
by Jessica January 28, 2004
when you want/have nothing
Q: did you win on that lotto ticket
A: no, cake
by neutron212 January 19, 2004

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