the female vagina, pussy
That guy is teriffic at eating cake!
by none April 14, 2005
Money, loot, cream, cash, income.
I made mad cake off the tips last night.
by resk March 02, 2005
A slang term for the word Cack, which is a 'code-word' for Cock. Works great when talking in mixed company.
"I like chocolate cake the best..."

"You know what I wanna do right now? Eat some nice, hot cake"

"Oh I'll bake your cake!"
by Hoedy December 03, 2003
A kind of food, made from eggs and flour topped with frosting. Usually served for desert on special occasions.
Your mom likes cake.
by Almacen April 21, 2003
An awesome girl who anyone would be lucky to know. She is an innocent angel and wants to help the world for the good of humanity. She is also very sexy
Man#1: Who is that gorgeous girl?
Man#2: Oh that girl is Cakes.
#amazing #awesome #sexy #beautiful #gorgeous
by Cakes115 October 18, 2012
A morbidly obese girl who dressed in very inappropriately sexy clothing. She will usually display absolutely no awareness of her body or how provocatively she is dressed. However, she may also be super-aware of her sexuality, expecting all men to desire her and showing absolutely no interest in or recognition of rejection by the opposite sex. The term "cake" refers to her constant desire and inappropriately timed consumption of sugarey baked goods and hydrogenated snacks. IE, eating twinkies while wearing a vinyl mini skirt at a night club.
"check out that cake on the dance floor - I've never seen anyone eat a twinky and back their ass up at the same time!"
#cup-cake #hot mess #fat chick #muffin top #rolls
by sedgeflower July 10, 2008
When using a multi-hose hookah without auto-sealers, caking occurs when someone takes their finger off of one hose, thus breaking the seal, giving everyone smoking a lungful of air.
"Yo, don't cake me."
#hookah #hose #cake #smoke #air
by Tim - The Hookah Hut April 12, 2008
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