Is a reference to a spoilt desert dish, normally used as a gag at frat parties. The general act of cake is when one defecates into some unfortunate unsuspecting individuals gateau, laughs mischievously, replaces the top of the gateau and leaves the room.
Said victim, proceeds to scoff the pudding suspecting that gandma has forgotten the appropriate place to empty her colostomy bag.
Said victim - 'Nan, if you keep shitting in my gateau, it's going to a real...'
Nan - 'If you criticize my baking skills again I will shit into your wellington boots, I have never baked a Cake in my life!'
Said victim - 'What is a Cake?'
Nan - 'I don't know look it up on urban dictionary'
Said victim - 'They would never have the balls to put that up'
Nan - 'This is becoming a bit repetitive now, they're just doing their job'
by Iron Balls Billy April 29, 2012
cocaine and ketemine
when you mix the two drugs... cocaine and ketamine... you get this batter ...
by Jason February 02, 2005
1. A band. An awesome one at that. With amazing songs such as Never There, The Distance, Short Skirt Long Jacket, Frank Sinatra and many more.

2. A delicious pastry.
1. Cake is one of my most favourite bands. My favourite song by them is Frank Sinatra.

2. Cake is tasty!
by Tim Gaertener October 03, 2010
To Cum your boxers in over-excitement.
Dude, that band was so good, I caked!
by Josh Cormier September 12, 2006
see sodomy

Cake is a term used by cetain role-playing gamers as a root word for sodomy or other likewise frowned upon sexual concepts inside of the individual in-game chat rooms. It is used to elude game masters and other chat moderators
"That guy likes cake"

"Go eat some cake"

"CAKE CAKE CAKE Cakeity cake cake cake... CAKE, that guy is all about CAKE!!!!"
by Seamus Coffey August 27, 2005
Known as the ass cheeks of a man
"hey that guy has a nice cake"
by zieg May 09, 2005
a food ate during birthdays or other special events.

Something fat people eat when they're hungry.
My birthday cake is so cool

Dude, look athat fat kid eat taht cake.
by noneofyourdamnbuisness June 08, 2004
A person who doesn't drink beer that he has to pay for...
Waitress: "What would you like to drink?"
Response: "No...I'm going Cakes tonight"
by victor.rodolfo May 18, 2010

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