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Christian Weston Chandler- Creepy man-child on youtube, ED and many other forums.
Likes to make videos of himself having sex with a blow up doll.

Blow up doll: You can find a video of this on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by changcallahan July 23, 2009
Common white chick
She's always in starbucks, she's such a CWC
by Qawsed0987 January 24, 2015
Acronym for "chillin with champions"

dubbed by the Farmers Branch Lunatics
Luna- "Yes finally we're champions!"

Everybody together- "Time for some major CWC!"
by crazylunatic11500 October 05, 2010
Curse? What Curse?

It refers specifically to Buffy or Angel fanfiction in which Angel's curse becomes a non-issue (without the explanation of how he lost it being relevant). It is used, mainly, for writing smut (which includes the character Angel), without having the problem of that pesky curse
Fanfiction Rating: NC-17 PWP CWC
by FishBiscuitLove July 11, 2010
Cute with children; used to refer to someone who's attractive but has children thus scaring away anyone not ready for parenthood.
What's the story with the new girl?

CWC man.

That's alright then. I'll pass.
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
Cob Web Crotch -- used to describe a bitter, lonely old woman who's cooter hasn't seen action in so long that its a little dusty in there...
"Man, that old CWC better shut up or I'll give her a smack diddly donk!"
No one liked Judy because she was a two faced old CWC.
by Momma Betsy February 03, 2008
crazy weird cool

devani and dianne make up this crazy cool club
wow, the CWC is awesome!
by garb master March 14, 2005

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