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12 definitions by Doublestuff

The only successful way to get out of the friend zone. This passport is an invitation extended by a female to a male friend she's attracted to letting him know it's okay to cross the "line" (of friendship). She will somehow set the guy up to make the "first move" usually by heavy and often obvious flirting she may downplay if caught in public. Seldom will she be straightforward about her feelings but will drop enough clues for a guy to trip over. This passport is normally available for a limited time only. The longer the friendship lasts, the less likely a friend zone passport will be granted. Note that these passports must be granted, not applied for. If a guy puts in an "application" for a friend zone passport it's almost always denied and leads to a deportation to the estranged zone- a place worse than the friend zone, worse than being a complete stranger.
When are you going to finally ask Monica out?

Who knows? I'm still waiting for her to give me a friend zone passport. I'm such a "nice guy" and "good friend" and you know how that goes.

Wow! I hear jerks don't have to wait long for one.
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
a place worse than the friend zone. It's the place guys go when they cross the line of friendship and the girl isn't interested. Instead of simply going back into the friend zone, he goes to a place where he's almost avoided at all costs no matter how good of a "friend " he was before. He becomes less than a stranger perhaps not even receiving a greeting in public. It's more awkward being around her since she will always have in the back of her mind these "feelings" the guy now has she "never" knew about that she doesn't want to contribute to. If she truly didn't know, she didn't do anything but be herself. Thus her lack of comfort or excessive concern for not being misleading is completely unfounded and often becomes more annoying than anything. If this happens to you, call the girl's bluff of "let's just be friends" by initially being available but gradually if not suddenly no longer going out your way to do anything for her and NOT initiating contact with her. Let her miss the "good friend" she had after she dates some more jerks who probably spared you their problem. It's not a fun place to be but pays off wnen this same "friend" is still single well into her 30s complaining about how a "good man" is hard to find. Meanwhile, you've moved on to your happily ever after knowing that you was that "good man" she passed on.

Note: Nothing wrong with being a single woman in her 30s. The issue is with "complaining" about the lack of good men since many "good men" fell into the "nice guy" or "jaf" category years earlier.
You still in the friend zone with that chick?

Nah, even worse. I'm in the estranged zone. She only calls me when she's arguing with her boyfriend. Other than that, she avoids me like the plague.
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
Activities, both general and specific, that guys normally wouldn't engage in with a group of their guy friends and often times even female friends with whom they have no romantic interest in. Outside the context of dating a girl, participation in dating activities often lowers a man's masculine status among his peers. Thus they are to be avoided when not dating. Dating activities are acceptable when a guy is dating because he really has no interest in the actual activity, but his interest is in the girl and he's just participating to spend some time with her.
Sample of Dating Activities:
Chick flicks (aka dating movies when datiing)
The Notebook (movie)
Dancing (when there's no girl involved unless you are a professional dancer or performer), especially so called formals.
Shopping as a hobby or recreational activity
Dining at EXPENSIVE restaurants especially ones where the food isn't that great, but you're really just paying for the atmosphere and environment.
"Walks in the park"

Yo, Man, what are you doing this weekend?

I'm going to go dancing.

With who?


She's a fox! Alright then, have fun with your weekend dating activity.

by Doublestuff December 28, 2008
an invisible one sided line used as an excuse and crutch by women to politely turn down someone for whom they don't have romantic feelings for. Friends cross this "line" by making known their romantic feelings to a friend with the friend not feeling the same way. It's been said that once this line is crossed it changes the friendship perhaps forever, effectively ending the friendship. It's one-sided because men have no such "line of friendship" and will often welcome a female friend respectfully making known her romantic interest. It's an excuse or crutch because the "line of friendship" doesn't exist if the girl is interested also. Women are usually uncomfortable once this "line" is crossed. Men frankly don't care and can let the relationship continue as normal but that seldom happens.
Yo answer your phone! Carl is calling again.

I can't answer that. He crossed the line of friendship last week. I don't want to give him false hope.

Girl, you know if that was James calling there wouldn't even be a line!
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
obsessive, unhealthy, unrequited, creepy love for someone marked by unwelcomed attention or attempts to contact or be around the person. In extreme cases, a restraining order is required.
If you don't let her go, your feelings for her are going to turn into stalker love. She hasn't returned any of your calls or txts. Just let it burn.
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
noun-the amount of money a guy spends to get and keep a girlfriend. It includes spending money on things such as dates, gifts, and even upping your wardrobe or standard of living to keep her happy. When a guy is single, he can use the money he would normally spend on his girlfriend to justify buying himself expensive gifts or anything else he wants that's normally out of his budget. Since his girlfriend would normally receive the benefit from his money, he doesn't need to feel bad about splurging on himself
"Yo, that's a sick watch Son! How did you afford that?"

"Easy, I took it out of my girlfriend fund since I broke up with mine last week. 'Spend it on me!' You feel me?"
by Doublestuff March 26, 2013
To suddenly abandon the romantic pursuit of a chick especially after losing interest or realizing a romance with her won't go anywhere. It can happen during an initial conversation with a girl or after a few series of attempts to pick her up. It's so sudden, the girl is often surprised or even unaware that you lost interest in her and she may still play hard to get not realizing that the game is already over, leaving her stunned about what just happened. The sudden abandonment can be compared to the quickness of dropping a hot potato.
"Weren't you just talking to that chick a few days ago? What happened?"

"That was a few days ago. She was playing too hard to get. I had to drop a chick!"
by Doublestuff March 22, 2013