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When you try to fart, but a bit of shit comes out instead - a "wet fart" (shart = shit + fart). Usually unexpected and always embarrassing, a shart can also create an uncomfortable "wet" sensation where it's least desired.
After sharting my pants, I walked to the bathroom and changed my boxers, trying to keep the impression that nothing had happened.
by pinkboxerguy August 31, 2005
A "documentary" full of lies and sensationalism. Also "mockumentary"
think "Fahrenheit 9-11"
by pinkboxerguy August 07, 2005
2005 American Idol top 12 finalist. Great looks, but a mediocre voice.
Mikalah Gordon was among the first of the top 12 finalists to be knocked out.
by pinkboxerguy August 31, 2005
Clearly Visible Thong
Andrea's see-through pants created the condition of a CVT
by pinkboxerguy August 07, 2005

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