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Creepy Old Man Syndrome
Look at that old guy in the corner.. total coms.
by CaminDFW April 18, 2006
10 6
Crusty Old Man Syndrome.
Full body dandruff, flakey skin
Crikey that Smokey has got Coms all over the office chair.
by Dodgybloke January 20, 2009
9 1
" Convicts only material" - A girl so ugly only a black toed up convict would give her a fuck. No self respecting man would look at her twice. Only fast food workers and convincts who haven't gotten ass in 12 years.
With a used up pussy, no baby's daddy's and no looks or job she found the only people interested were losers and she was a c.o.m.
by bbvs January 18, 2009
6 3
Check Out My Status
a term that is used throughout most social networking sites
like facebook, myspace etc.
used to tell ur friends to check your status
"hey COMS"
by >kiki< October 21, 2009
2 0
Interior Designer lingo for Customer's Own Material.
What is the ship to address for your COM?
by 80808080 June 22, 2010
8 15
Center Of Mass
Police are trained to shoot COM
by SnakeHayter November 16, 2006
24 32
1.) a legend or person of importance. Most likely stands for "Cream Of Man".
2.) a legend in Canada orginally from Compton, California.
"Dude that guy is a legend, he's Com."
by Cameron1989 February 09, 2006
9 20