1.) a legend or person of importance. Most likely stands for "Cream Of Man".
2.) a legend in Canada orginally from Compton, California.
"Dude that guy is a legend, he's Com."
by Cameron1989 February 09, 2006
(1) Verb. To pull a "com" - Totally making someone look like a complete FUCK. Abruptly showing someone how "com" do.

(2) Noun. - To describe someone of importance; a legend.
Pete: "Yo guy, that faggot just tried to pull some dumb shit and totally got commed."

Pete: "Yo guy, I can't believe that guy is blessing us with his presence."
John: "I know. He is such a com."
by kielkyoki December 23, 2007
Dumbass Canadian.
Com is a dumbass and he's from Canada.
by Skeevy August 13, 2003
skeevey stoner fuck
com is a skeevey stoner fuck
by Yata July 30, 2003
Short for condom.
She told me, "No com, no sex."
by Steve June 29, 2004
cum on face
I will cum on your face
by sean November 29, 2003
Comment On My Status
Coms or Lms for tbh!
by N@m3Mak3r87 December 26, 2015

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