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Could Not Reproduce.
Used by webcomic
"Speech2Text Commander: Bug #167801 'Speech Recognition fails on young child voices'"
"Girl: Hmm"
"Girl: Hey, can you do me without a condom? We need a young child for something."
"Guy: Okay"
"Pregenancy Test: I (II = Pregnancy, I = not Pregnant)"
"Bug 167801: Status: Closed Reason: CNR"
by BlargGalore May 12, 2009
1.Cops and Robbers, a game usually played by kids based on robbers and cops chasing them.

2. A GTA:SA-MP game mode based on the earlier concept

3. Could not resist.
Carol: Hey, wanna play some CnR?
Bart: Sure, I'm the robber!

Mike: Ok, where do you wanna play?
David: Me likes a CnR server!

Jon: Hey, you headshot me!
Dan: Sorry, cnr!
by maxmanapple February 21, 2010
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