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The game is started at one spot. Then one group of up to 4 people get in a car and they are designated as the cops. The rest of the people have to run/walk/skip/crawl/do whatever it takes to get to the "safe spot"(this includes getting a ride with another group) without getting seen by the "cops"
bob-You wanna get some peeps and play cops and robbers


bob-Why the hell not

joe-Last time I played I got caught by the real cops for reckless driving
by HCBlast March 16, 2009
the sexual game of placing a donut over your hard on and blind folding the woman and having her try to eat the donut off your dick without her eating it or having the man blind folded and trying to eat a candy bar out of the girls vagina all while being handcuffed
lindsay and i tried cops and robbers and and i ate a snickers out of her vagina
by the bow tie vans September 06, 2013