1. News Channel/Network

2. Capone N Noreaga (2 duo rappers from New york)
1. CNN is so boring but informative

2.CNN's new song is straight fire
by AC October 24, 2003
a TV news station which recently had a lengthy segment on some gay spanish radio station's dumbass attempt to prank call the president of Cuba, Fidel Castro. It all wrapped up with the ultra-cool prankers telling Castro what was really on their minds and calling him an ASSASSIN, since thats apparently what he really is! (and all this time i thought he was more of a revolutionary or something)
Hey non-american friend wanna watch some funny stuff? We'll watch CNN!!!

Comedy News Network
by Canadian June 19, 2003
CNN = Capone aNd Noriega
by Diego November 07, 2003
CNN aka Chubby N' Nervous
"yo did you see that kid at the diner?"

"yeah bro, he was CNN."
#chubby #nervous #slang #funny #dinner
by n(ew) jersey July 14, 2014
Acronym for "Crap 'N Nap."
All I want to do after a great meal is to take a crap and then a nap, a "CNN," for short.
#cnn #cable #news #cable news network #headline news
by David R. Gahary November 17, 2005
The most polarizing news channel out there. CNN tends to always deliver either a far right or far left viewpoint on an issue, but never both or a neutral one. Lately, they have gotten more left to counter the right-wing bias of Fox News.
If you really want both sides of the story, you need to watch both Fox and CNN.
#news #cnn #fox news #bias #left wing #right wing
by Marine2012 January 21, 2009
crazy nigger network
Republicans hate cnn and black people.
#bullshit #crazy #nigger #network #news
by Banksy May 31, 2007
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