communist nazi network
cnn is run by dumbass communist nazis!
by GWin04 July 15, 2004
Acronym for "Crap 'N Nap."
All I want to do after a great meal is to take a crap and then a nap, a "CNN," for short.
by David R. Gahary November 17, 2005
a TV news station which recently had a lengthy segment on some gay spanish radio station's dumbass attempt to prank call the president of Cuba, Fidel Castro. It all wrapped up with the ultra-cool prankers telling Castro what was really on their minds and calling him an ASSASSIN, since thats apparently what he really is! (and all this time i thought he was more of a revolutionary or something)
Hey non-american friend wanna watch some funny stuff? We'll watch CNN!!!

Comedy News Network
by Canadian June 19, 2003
Where all American propaganda regarding politics and war is broadcast. Watch the most recent war broadcast in the format of a bad videogame 24/7.
"Americans encountered no resistance and suffered no casualties during WW I, WW II, Vietnam, and the Korean war. All hail Bush" - CNN
by Bob McFillius May 29, 2003
CNN = Capone aNd Noriega
by Diego November 07, 2003
Probably the largest TV-channel of the world of all-times. Here in Europe it seems quite objective and trustful, though it is said we recieve a whole different CNN than in America.
ignorant redneck: CNN is bad!
intelligent european: Why?
redneck: It supports Bush, Castro, Clinton and Hitler!
european: Don't you think that's a little contradictional?
by Matthijs B May 17, 2005
The most polarizing news channel out there. CNN tends to always deliver either a far right or far left viewpoint on an issue, but never both or a neutral one. Lately, they have gotten more left to counter the right-wing bias of Fox News.
If you really want both sides of the story, you need to watch both Fox and CNN.
by Marine2012 January 21, 2009

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