A cable "so-called" news network famous for it's liberalism as well as always striving to include the "Atlanta Spin" in stories
Please CNN...I know who I want to vote for.......enough brainwashing and boasting Atlanta this and that!
by Piranha November 02, 2004
Crappy News Network
"Why would anyone watch CNN?"
by star8706 February 02, 2003
Clinton News Network

A cable news network that serves as the polar opposite of Fox News.
Fox News: Bush is one resolved leader who sticks to his guns and frees the oppressed. "Resolved Bush", "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

CNN: Bush is one arrogant leader who is truly inflexible and a war mongerer. "Stubborn Bush", "Operation Iraqi Oil"
by cali2000 June 13, 2006
Corporate National News; a source where various forms of propaganda, and a good laugh can be found
Holy shit dude, i spent all night yelling at those fuckers on CNN before i realized those dumb bitchs can't hear me
by mista ska March 25, 2003
More of a political propaganda machine than a news channel.
CNN is known to brainwash anyone who watches more than 20 minutes of it by sending out subliminal messages from the government.
by AYB May 30, 2003
The same as Fox News, except more subliminally promotes Washington's war propaganda and uses it's supposed "objectivity" to confuse the hell out of American viewers, who either mistake it for a "non-biased" or "left-leaning" news station. They're no different from the rest of the mainstream media, controlled by a small group of people who have an agenda.
Most trusted name in News for those that don't have BBC,satilite tv, or the internet.
by Sako December 28, 2003
Cable News Network.
An established, successful cable news channel which is maligned by both neo-conservatives and the far left. One viewing it as the liberal boogeyman, slanting its news to appeal to dirty commies, and those who "hate america", and the other views it as lip service to corperate america and the bush administration. For the most part its in the middle, in order to gain the most amount of viewers. Somewhat less spastic than fox news and msnbc in terms of raving idiots hosting "hard hitting" political discussion shows.
neocon: I'm not watching the CLINTON NEWS NETWORK, its run by that filthy socialist sypathizer ted turner.

Leftist: CNN is just a mouthpiece for KORPERATE AMERIKKKA. Theyre helping THE MAN keep us down.
by Lee Iacocca July 18, 2004
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