Also known as the Cable News Network. CNN is one of the major mainstream news networks in America along with MSNBC, Fox News, ABC and others. However, like all mainstream news media outlets, they only care about their stupid ratings instead of factual evidence and real journalism.

Real journalism and research doesn't apply to mainstream media outlets such as CNN since they only care about selling their dumb stories. They usually accomplish this by exaggerating their stories, using hyperbole, using fear-mongering, making up their own facts or false information or by giving you only partial truth. They also usually try to sway your opinions, beliefs and views to match their own for whatever ulterior motive or reason. Logic and reasoning does not apply to CNN or other mainstream news channels.

Recently, however, their viewership and ratings have been plummeting due to people using more alternative news media and the internet for their news. However, stupid people still watch CNN and you can never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups.
If you want to find out about some of the worst fails and erroneously dumb reports that CNN has done, here are a few examples that will lower your IQ:

1. CNN proposed the ludicrously dumb theory that the missing airplane, Flight 370, was swallowed up by a black hole (yes, I'm serious a black hole).

2. CNN later got a psychic to try to find out if there were any survivors or deceased persons from that aforementioned Flight 370.

3. CNN were trying to figure who or what 4chan was, and their so-called technology expert proposed the idea that he was a systems administrator of some sort. You would think that they would research this properly before reporting this.

4. CNN did a report on a veterinarian who was performing surgery on a pet goldfish.

5. CNN stated that Japanese anime and manga were pornographic materials. Umm, CNN, that's called hentai.
by Digital Preacher January 09, 2015
Stands for Cable News Network but has turned into something of a joke. They are frequently mocked on the Daily Show and Colbert Report, sometimes by Fox news. Mocked by President Obama during the correspondents dinner. They are mocked because they cover stories for weeks without any new evidence to keep people interested.
Barack Obama during Correspondents Dinner- "The lengths we have to go to to get CNN coverage these days, I think they're still searching for their table."
by chicagoman619 July 19, 2014
Central Negro Network, totally one sided
surfer 1 "dude, do u still see any white reporters that work at CNN?"
surfer 2 "nahh, they fired all the whites that works there, and hired all the homeless blacks to work there and brain wash ppl."
surfer 1 "so now this is like a central negro nerwork."

Surfer 2 "absolutly."
by tre-ur-ass August 04, 2010
A channel that for some reason calls itself a news source, even though they seem to care more about a concert in Central Park more than ongoing revolutions. They are almost as right-leaning as Fox, but still have a ways to go before they can get to Glen Beck's wild speeches, and Bill O'Reilly's Bible banters.
Breaking news from CNN, Craig Anderson has a HUGE six-pack! Oh and some guys in the Middle East are fighting for freedom. Wherever that is.
by ADULTSofTOMORROW March 30, 2011
communist nazi network
cnn is run by dumbass communist nazis!
by GWin04 July 15, 2004
Catastrophe news network. While not quite at the propaganda proliferation level of Fox News and the like, this channel is nothing but an endless stream of inanity. Overplays everything. Their "journalism" is nothing but alternating hype and hackneyed commentary. Even comedy shows are better as far as noteworthy news content goes.
CNN reported saw a black flag covered in dildos at a gay pride parade and reported that ISIS had joined forces with lgbt advocates!

It is Fall of 2015 and CNN is still talking about Malaysia Airlines 370!
by Everything Is November 09, 2015
Where all American propaganda regarding politics and war is broadcast. Watch the most recent war broadcast in the format of a bad videogame 24/7.
"Americans encountered no resistance and suffered no casualties during WW I, WW II, Vietnam, and the Korean war. All hail Bush" - CNN
by Bob McFillius May 29, 2003
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