Stands for Cable News Network but has turned into something of a joke. They are frequently mocked on the Daily Show and Colbert Report, sometimes by Fox news. Mocked by President Obama during the correspondents dinner. They are mocked because they cover stories for weeks without any new evidence to keep people interested.
Barack Obama during Correspondents Dinner- "The lengths we have to go to to get CNN coverage these days, I think they're still searching for their table."
by chicagoman619 July 19, 2014
A channel that for some reason calls itself a news source, even though they seem to care more about a concert in Central Park more than ongoing revolutions. They are almost as right-leaning as Fox, but still have a ways to go before they can get to Glen Beck's wild speeches, and Bill O'Reilly's Bible banters.
Breaking news from CNN, Craig Anderson has a HUGE six-pack! Oh and some guys in the Middle East are fighting for freedom. Wherever that is.
by ADULTSofTOMORROW March 30, 2011
Central Negro Network, totally one sided
surfer 1 "dude, do u still see any white reporters that work at CNN?"
surfer 2 "nahh, they fired all the whites that works there, and hired all the homeless blacks to work there and brain wash ppl."
surfer 1 "so now this is like a central negro nerwork."

Surfer 2 "absolutly."
by tre-ur-ass August 04, 2010
CNN aka Chubby N' Nervous
"yo did you see that kid at the diner?"

"yeah bro, he was CNN."
by n(ew) jersey July 14, 2014
1. News Channel/Network

2. Capone N Noreaga (2 duo rappers from New york)
1. CNN is so boring but informative

2.CNN's new song is straight fire
by AC October 24, 2003
communist nazi network
cnn is run by dumbass communist nazis!
by GWin04 July 15, 2004
Acronym for "Crap 'N Nap."
All I want to do after a great meal is to take a crap and then a nap, a "CNN," for short.
by David R. Gahary November 17, 2005

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