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Something that make you quite ill when ingested, such as spoiled meat, snake venom, excrement or other disgusting matter.

Frequently, violent regurgitation occurs shortly after, if not during, ingestion. Ingesting too much can cause permanent brain damage.
Hey boss, I will be out of work today as I am quite ill. It turns out that sandwich I ate has some spoiled meat, it was a Pelosi.
by gsesos May 14, 2009
Another word for bullshit. Nonsense or foolish talk. Not to be believed or trusted in the slightest. Originates from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Phil: Yesterday I found a hundred dollar bill on top of the urinal.

Robbie: Well that's a bunch of Pelosi.
by montg March 03, 2010
1. Mummified remains on puppet strings pulled by SCIU. Without soul, mind or heart.

2. To think you know better when in fact, you are corrupt.

3. To speak as if your mouth were wired shut and while doing so, only spout lies.
You: Did you see that woman Pelosi (perhaps man), on tv telling all those lies without moving her mouth?

Me: If she opened her mouth her dentures would fall out.

You: Why do mummies need dentures?

Me: Doctors use the dentures as a grip to hold on to while injecting her with economy size doses of botox.
by ijusttookapelosi February 03, 2010
A swear word, like Bull Shit but dirtier. Originally the name of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She is so full of shit that her last name has become synonymous with it.
"That's just a bunch of pelosi.."

"When on a ranch watch your step and don't step in pelosi. It will get on the bottom of your boot and won't go away until next election."
by GaurdDuck March 24, 2010
n1: cunt
n2: an irritating vagina
n3: a hyper-partisan, ill-informed, botoxed bitch
1. That bitch was such a pelosi.

2. After listening to her spouting off so much nonsense, I just knew I had to kick her in the pelosi.
by benmeade February 13, 2009
bullsh^t,not true, off the wall, no way
Jim is such a pelosi artist, you can never tell when he's telling the truth
by JaneQpublic April 03, 2009
Noun; that which results from excreting solid waste
Yesterday, after eating mexican chilli and uncooked marsupials all afternoon, I took the biggest Pelosi of my life. It took two cuts with a fork to get it to go down.
by Jim Sloyer November 09, 2006