an abbreviation of Chyeah!!!! you say it whenever a person does something amazing. It can be used whenever someone gives a badass speech or performs well in front of a huge crowd. The crowd will go nuts saying CH! CH! CH! CHYEAH!!!!
After the performance of the break dance the crowd started yelling out CH! CH! CH!
by Tennis1 April 22, 2010
Prefix: "Ch"

Used by tallaght heads and clondalkiners alike in everyday language. usually totally obliviously to the "Ch" prefix.

Featured on "Sarah & Steve"
1. All these bleedin' chung fella's givin' her stick!

2. What ya bleedin talkin t him for hes a bleedin dzzzope, Ch'know what I mean?

3. but we can do that because my ma and her ma are sisters which makes us chusins but if we werent we wouldnt.
by ClaraFloraKavy March 20, 2011
CH is a game term for a spell called complete heal, or anything that accomplishes the same sort of almost dead>completely full health with a different name. It's common use as a term in games like MMORPG's originated from the cleric spell "complete heal" in everquest, but it existed earlier in some muds and such. Other games like Anarchy Online have also had complete heals even though some versions of the spell went by a different name (Invocation of the Phoenix). CH order refers to the practice of stacking multiple healers on one tank and having them cast complete heal in sequence to keep the tank alive.
Healers line up on Joe, CH order is sally steve mike sam jeff, call off when you CH.
dude you rock! we would have gotten wiped if you didn't drop that CH at the end.
by t February 21, 2005
CH is a Chubby Hater. -- A person who is only focused on their body, works out all the time because they can't get enough, and looks at everyone who does not have muscles like them as if they are all fat blobs in the world. Very cocky person.
That CH won't date me because she weighs 90 pounds and I weigh 120.
by Chubbers11 January 26, 2013
Verb. Shortened for "come here". To go to/arrive at a destination.
CH!! CH faster!!! We are CHing!!! I CHed!!!
by bad5096 October 01, 2011
Crack head
bob: im doing 12 lines tonight

marley: what a CH!
by sdmncdjkbn August 22, 2011
Short for CollegeHumor, a great humor and funny site,

mostly used in shaming drunk people
"DAMN that was some niceass beer bong they showed in CH with the shocker and etc"
by Leo Luigi December 08, 2004

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