Cunt Hunt - The action of searching for a phsyically attractive woman to make your girlfriend/wife or simply for one night of sexual intercourse.
Person - "I'm so on the CH tonight man, I need to get myself a girl!"
by stinson2001 May 09, 2011
An extremely dirty girl, who goes days maybe even weeks without showering! She started her whoring-around days in the summer, with a certain AW. This is when she got the nic name of CH! You dont wont get that name for doing nothing. Breaking into the COLINS HALL, doing nasty dirtty deeeds and ending up with her lucky number. SEXTY NINE! I'd be careful, this girl LIES to grandmothers, sneaks out of pooor old grandparents' homes, just to go get down and dirty in the showers.
CL: ewwww did you hear about that CH?
BSR: OMG, yess i did. poor girl, didnt see it coming.
HW: been there done that!
by HILARY SLANNT January 18, 2009
The art of dating a girl, for an extended period of time, but not having sex with her
Wow, that girl doesn't put out at all he's such a CH
by XWM November 15, 2006
an alternate way to pronounce a word that starts with the letters "T" and "R" or with the letters "T", "H" and "R".
1) My car ran into the "chree".
2) I thought I had two of them, but I really had "chree".
3) My best friend's name is "Chroy".
4) I told the "chrougth".
5) I am "chrough" with this video game.
by Angr-E September 11, 2006
CH is generally refered to in the gaming community as "Channel". (As in the multiple servers one can play)

This being said, it is often used to express when a group of players want to switch from one "channel" or "server" to the next.
Maple Story:
Gamer 1: There are too many people grinding the teddy bears here, let's switch to ch3.

Gamer 1: The Lailah ch is busy right now, lets grind on the Teos ch.
by GoodStuff4u December 19, 2010
club house
i am going to party it up in da CH
by mystery girlcvgn April 09, 2009
Standing for Council House, meaning anything or anyone that is common, ghastly, cheap or tacky which you might find in or living in a stereotypical council estate house.
1) Oh my god, she's wearing a gold lamay tracksuit, how CH does she want to look?

2) They are so CH they own a rottweiller called Tyrone.

by Screwfix1982 May 19, 2008
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