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the most absolutely gorgeous girl you will ever meet. down to earth, a lot of fun, beautiful inside and out, and DEFINITELY not frigid. hahahaha
"i wish my girlfriend was a Marley"
by 1113948Brett October 28, 2008
a talented girl who is going to be famous one day

beautiful, kind, and smart
i hope i can be a marley one day...
by bwaybabe January 09, 2010
a kid that will definitely become famous.Also known from bob marley or marley and me. Someone that is funny but can get really pissed sometimes.

Very attractive and hard to get away from. They are always bosses and they are smart, talkative, and great at sports.
WOW, i wish my boyfriend was a MARLEY
by KAtiebeanSnowkitty7980 April 03, 2011
A shy, kind girl who is extremely lovable and liked by everyone she meets. She is beautiful, both her personality and looks.
Wow, she is really a Marley!
by Anynomous.13 April 03, 2015
popular term used in maesteg school in south wales, usually an odd reply to a question when you cant be bothered to give an answer, marley? is a guaranteed way to get a laugh out of any situation.
guy 1: what time is training later?

guy 2: Marley?
by Llan Boyz November 04, 2009
The fattest joint known to man. Just as Bob Marley smoked.
Damn, we put an eighth into that marley. I sure am baked.
by Stu Pididiot June 08, 2005
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