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CH is an abbreviation for "Club de Hockey Canadien", an NHL team. The Montréal Canadiens are the oldest established National Hockey League franchise. They have won 24 Stanley Cups, eleven more than the team with the next largest number.
Dude: Le CH a encore perdu? (The CH lost again?)
Dude 2: Ouais, ca sens pas la coupe s't'année (Yup, it doesn't smell the cup this year)
by MousePad October 28, 2005
(n) the fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet
Would someone please explain to me how ch is a letter?! It's TWO letters: c + h, which are BOTH already in the Spanish alphabet! How is ch its own letter?! (Don't even get me started on rr...)
by BeardedFatass January 20, 2004
ch. is an photographer based in oakland, california.
did you ch.'s new photos? they were so hot.
by grassfire November 11, 2004
C.H. (verb)
C.H. ing (action verb)

Stands for Crotch humping. When two people make the movement of having sexual intercoarse but with clothes on (sometimes not though) and there is no actual penetration. Rubbing of the genitals together in that manner. otherwords known as 'Outercoarse' 'dry sex' 'frottage' amoung other things. Can result in orgasims on either partner's side and is typically very pleasureable.
1. We CH-ed all night long and had multiple orgasims.

2. Did you C.H. with that guy?

3. Dick and Jane are C.H.-ing right now. Jane likes the feel of Dick's dick.
by Anita February 23, 2004
An alternative word for cheat. A way of calling someone a cheat without actually saying cheat
Dave and Umar are playing pool. Umar fraudulently tries to claim a free-ball. Dave says that Umar is a great big Ch!
by David Bolt April 08, 2004
In the text message directory Ch means cheerful
I texted a reply saying Ch to a friend who asked how I was feeling.
by Criostoir Hulme September 08, 2005