Can't Fix Stupid
CFS. Please complete the task for them.
by Drayvock September 28, 2010
An abbreviation that stands for chicken fried steak, which is a beef patty deep fat fried much like fried chicken. CFS should only be used by persons who are familiar with what cfs is, such as wait staff, truckers, or poor white trash.
Person 1: Damn, I need some supper in my belly.
Person 2: Well, let's go to Mike's Steakhouse for the biggest and best god damn cfs west of the Mississippi.
by Flo$$y B May 31, 2005
Colored Folk Syndrome - Named for eating a meal and feeling tired immediately after
Man, I just ate two Thanksgiving dinners and am now suffering from CFS.
by BrownfromDowntown October 24, 2009

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