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A korean way of saying commercial.
Girl: Did you see that new CF that 2pm did!?
Girl2: Hell yeah! So hot....
by yourmada January 06, 2010
241 93
Shorthand for clusterfuck. Can be used when not wanting another person to know what you're really saying or when you want to avoid being vulgar.
Hey Johnny, this gangbang is such a CF...
by Norbert March 04, 2004
194 82
Medical abbreviation for Cystic Fibrosis
CF is an autosomal recessive disease.
by Stu007uk June 08, 2006
54 37
typo for "xD"
it usually causes a retardness sensation to the one who accidentally types it
Jordan: hey mike look, a pig flying! cF
Mike: Jordan, you are a retard.
by nubynub August 11, 2010
52 36
Center Fielder; A player on a baseball team that plays in the center of the outfield.
Coco Crisp is the Center Fielder (CF) for the Boston Red Sox.
by Dave The Guy S August 03, 2007
16 10
Short for Canadian Forces, the overall designation of Canada's Army, Navy and Air Force. Rather than three seperate branches, the CF is under one unified command, and members of all three brances must undergo the same basic training.
Therefore, if a CF member wishes to change branches, they don't have to go through "boot camp" a second time.
There is a CF recruiting station down the street.
by Jarvan December 12, 2004
53 49
Condom finger, a retard such as john gatenby puts a condom on there finger before fingering a girl as he thinks he will get her pregnant with his finger... in other words a dumbass
My favourite pass time, C.F'ing - Verb

The C.F looking man was well queer - Adjective
by Nastyyyy nastyyyy June 23, 2009
20 17