Stands for "Compulsive Facebook Checking."

A condition in which a person compulsively types in the web address for Facebook whenever sitting down at a computer or picking up a smartphone.
An addiction that can be very severe.
Karen has such a severe case of CFC that she checked Facebook from her mom's laptop, her laptop, her brother's laptop, and her smartphone in a span of 5 minutes.
by AnnabellaKay January 09, 2011
Crap From China

Generic term for non-essential toys, gadgets, ornaments, etc. made in China.
Dude 1: The environment is being flooded with CFCs.

Dude 2: Chlorofluorocarbons?

Dude 1: No, I mean all the Crap From China.
by Webdude February 25, 2013
Cruising For Cock
We met these two older women at the bar last night. They were CFC.
by BolivarPatton December 06, 2008
Compressed Fat Chick - Describes a girl that although they may appear to be in decent shape, it waiting on that ring or stable relationship to expand in all the wrong places. This phenomenon is predestine from birth.
“Did you notice what happened to Teresa?

Yeah, she used to be pretty hot, but since she settled down with that guy it’s nothing but sweatpants and doughnuts. She’s a total CFC. “
by Brandondrm July 09, 2009
Youth club where you can have some good wholesome and legal fun!
Every week we get DRUNK!!!!!
by pink_punk April 30, 2005

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