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Hawaiian phrase for "the best."
Brah 1: This kaukau (food) is da kine!

Brah 2: Yeh, it's no ka oi!

Cousin: Dis place must be no ka oi for mosquitoes, cuz so many live heah!
by Webdude February 28, 2013
Crap You Don't Need

pronounced "sigh din" (rhymes with "high pin")
Girl: Let's go to the craft show today!

Guy: Why? They're just selling a bunch of CYDN.
by Webdude February 25, 2013
Crap From China

Generic term for non-essential toys, gadgets, ornaments, etc. made in China.
Dude 1: The environment is being flooded with CFCs.

Dude 2: Chlorofluorocarbons?

Dude 1: No, I mean all the Crap From China.
by Webdude February 25, 2013
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