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C.F.C, Commander Floppy Cock.

A nickname to call someone who has done nothing wrong but is generally dislike.

You should call this person commander floppy cock behind their back and CFC or "commander" when they are around.
"Hey, bro how are we going to get to the House of Blues tonight? We got no ride."

"Lets call CFC."

"Bush is a CFC."

"w'sup CFC"
by perverto November 28, 2006
Term used to describe when a person's role at a bar is to receive free drinks as gifts from unknown people and then give them to his/her friends instead.
Typically played by a female, who will give her free drinks to her male buddies.
We went out to a bar, and my girl kept getting free drinks from all the other guys!
I didn't spend a dime that night because I brought along a hot drink bait.

I was stuck drinking cosmos all night because that's all my drink bait was catching.
by perverto February 26, 2007
Acronym for, "Really Long Acronym Nobody Knows"

10:59 < SamBEENO> 10mbps PCMCIA network card FTW!
11:01 < rawrly> PCMCIA is just another RLANK buzz word.
11:01 < rawrly> RLANK Really Long Acronym Nobody Knows
by perverto March 27, 2008

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