Constant fuck. Not your bf (boyfriend) or gf (girlfriend)... just the person you constantly fuck.
Guy 1: Hey man is that your gf?

Guy 2: Nah thats my cf.
by Hankgod October 11, 2010
Abreviation for carbon fibre
I just bought a carbon fibre hood for my Integra
by Dave November 13, 2003
Short for Canadian Forces, the overall designation of Canada's Army, Navy and Air Force. Rather than three seperate branches, the CF is under one unified command, and members of all three brances must undergo the same basic training.
Therefore, if a CF member wishes to change branches, they don't have to go through "boot camp" a second time.
There is a CF recruiting station down the street.
by Jarvan December 12, 2004
Condom finger, a retard such as john gatenby puts a condom on there finger before fingering a girl as he thinks he will get her pregnant with his finger... in other words a dumbass
My favourite pass time, C.F'ing - Verb

The C.F looking man was well queer - Adjective
by Nastyyyy nastyyyy June 23, 2009
Short for Crap Furniture.

Crap Furniture comes in a box and requires home assembly. It is made of cheap materials and is prevalent in apartment living and on-campus dormitories. Crap Furniture typically has a lifespan of only three to four years before self distructing into a pile of sawdust and knock-down fasteners.
"Yeah, sure I've got a lot of CF, but not everybody is as handy with a screw driver and hammer as I am."
by RocketScience October 30, 2006
Crowd finger or crowd fuck.

Fingering a chick in a public venue.
Usually done at a party or anywhere with a large amount of spectators.

Man did u see that guy CF that bitch at the rave, that was seedy as fuck!
by Nick Petrou October 11, 2008
Chris Foust ... a very very fat asian man with saggy titties...
a fatty black/asian man

pic here:

used in a sentence: c.f is such an opas... man i think he was the one who ate my bike.
by Ben Jacobs Wellington December 12, 2007

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