it means cuntfuck .
I saw sum milf walkin down the street n CF'd her fuckin hard biotch. I made dat hoe where a cuntom.
by kyle smith July 24, 2004
The abbr. for a person who likes to fuck cats, a well known person who like to do that is Moony from
<Tool_Freak> Hey its The CF!
<Moony> who dinged me?
by timmy the turtle July 08, 2003
Common Folk
Example #1 Billy "Did you see that rich girl"
James yeah we won't ever get her number we are a CF.
Billy "Whats CF"
James "A common folk"
by DaltonBen1488 September 21, 2009
cousin fucker

some person who rails there cousin

darren is a CF

see that kid hes a cf
by emry peterson January 13, 2008
The abreviation for compact flash.
CF is used in cameras.
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
A clan abbrieviation for "chaos factors" This clan is quite popular on bnet.
cF is pretty teh cool
by September 15, 2003
chicken f___ with boneless chicken breast
True story - I was washing boneless chicken breasts in the kitchen sink after going to the store and I couldn't help but think to myself...this is like holding a p_____ in my hands. So I proceeded to test my theory with by doing a cf and it was unbelievably similar to the real thing.

I soon thereafter got diagnosed with nonspecific urethritis and had to take antibiotics for a couple of weeks - so consider yourself forewarned.
by REALLY enjoys boneless chicken January 13, 2006

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