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A sarcastic comment used in conjunction with a picture (of pornographic nature or otherwise) that others have suggested is arousing.
1: *Post furry picture* HAY GUYS THIS IS HAWT!
2: I came!
by Jarvan January 08, 2005
The US army's new digital camoflage pattern.
After seeing the effectiveness of Canada's CADPAT and the USMC MARPAT, the US army developed it's own digital pattern, which utilizes shades of grey. Although designed to be an all-purpose camoflage, it is obviously greared more towards arid and urban enviroments, as the colour scheme is near useless in a woodland setting.
Like CF CADPAT uniforms, ACUPAT uses velcro to attack name tapes and other patches.
Those new ACUPAT uniforms are pretty good in the desert, but if we have to fight in the woods, we're fucked.
by Jarvan December 12, 2004
Everything, but nothing at the same time.
See 4chan
Harbl my harbl?
lol harbl
by Jarvan January 08, 2005
1- A military term describing an area of ground that is well defended, possibly including pre-sighted machine guns, mortars, artillery, as well as a variety of obstacles such as razor wire and tripflares. (Weapons will be presighted to these obstacles, as approaching troops will get caught in them, making them ideal targets.) This creates a literal "killing zone," hence the name.

2- A recent FPS for the playstation 2. A decent game that can be accurately described as "Call of duty in space." This fun and well-rounded (although linear) game is unfortunate enough to have been over-hyped as a "Halo-killer" which is nothing more than a kiss of death, as now everyone, especially reviewers, will try to campare it to Halo, and of course, find this game lacking.
(And yes, I've played killzone. It's good, but not to the scale of Halo.)
1- "With our platoon support weapons pre-sighted to these tripflares, we've created a fairly night-effective killzone."

2- "Killzone's no Halo-Killer, but it's still a really good game."
by Jarvan November 05, 2004
Canadian Forces slang for any piece of military equipment, be it a uniform, rifle, helicopter, or even the soldier itself.
"Those '203's are some kickass pieces of kit."
by Jarvan November 01, 2004
One of the villains of System Shock 2, a kickass computer game.
The Many are a species with a collective conciousness. They are designed to... "harvest" humans, and add their tissue to the biomass, so that new organisms may be created. They're like the Zerg, but creepier.
The Many were created by SHODAN an artificial inyelligence who went mad, and saw herself as a goddess.
"Why do you help the machine mother? How can you value cold metal over the splendor of flesh?
Your friends, who you deem dead, are not.
They sing in our symphony of life."
by Jarvan October 29, 2004
Short for Canadian Forces, the overall designation of Canada's Army, Navy and Air Force. Rather than three seperate branches, the CF is under one unified command, and members of all three brances must undergo the same basic training.
Therefore, if a CF member wishes to change branches, they don't have to go through "boot camp" a second time.
There is a CF recruiting station down the street.
by Jarvan December 12, 2004

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