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CF or Cunt Face, a derogatory term used to describe one displaying Cunt Face-like characteristics; such as, but not limited to:

Being a douche bag
Trying to stand out and get all the attention
Being a sarcastic smartass
Being a shovenist pig

The term is usually reserved for men, but can be applied to women for maximum insult, but little pride.
"Hey everyone, I'm gonna play 'Stairway to Heaven' come sing along"
"Hey CF, shut the fuck up"

"The only thing president Bush doesn't have is a penis"
"Hey CF, shut the fuck up"

"Hey baby, your really hot, I wanna fuck you"
"Hey CF, shut the fuck up"

"Fuck President Bush"
"Hey CF, you go the right idea, but I still want to to shut the fuck up"
#cunt #douche #bush #dick #the pope
by thoreau222 November 24, 2007
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