Cannabis Doobie

discreet slang for marijuana
Dude. Lets go burn a CD! *wink*
by Cody July 19, 2004
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Short for compact disc. A piece of plastic, mostly round, with the recordable side silver (although there are different shapes, sizess and colours), used for storing data. CD's hold from 600 to 700 MB of data, which equals about 70 or 80 minutes of music.
* Customer: "I'll have you know, I've never even seen a computer before yesterday."

Great. Great start to a call. He wanted to install the Internet connection software we have, so I had him insert the CD. "It ain't workin'!" was all I heard for about two minutes of trying the drive and checking to see if it was really there.

* Tech Support: "Sir, could you eject your CD for a moment? We need to check if it's scratched."
* Customer: "Ok."
* Tech Support: "Look on the bottom of the CD, and see if there are any scratches on it."
* Customer: "On the bottom? Shouldn't we check the top?"
* Tech Support: "Is the shiny side of the CD on the top?"
* Customer: "Of course."
* Tech Support: "Ok, could you flip it over so the shiny side is down and then insert it into the drive?"
* Customer: "Won't it scratch if I put it in like that?"
* Tech Support: "No, it won't scratch."
* Customer: "Well, ok...."

He inserted the CD in the drive correctly, and then his computer froze.

* Customer: "My computer froze! I told you it would scratch the CD!"
* Tech Support: "I'm sure that's not the problem--"
* Customer: "I can't believe you scratched the CD."
* Tech Support: "Ok, sir, could you hold down 'ctrl' and 'alt', and then-- (clunking sounds) Hello? Hello, sir?"

There was no one on the line for a moment. Then he spoke up again.

* Customer: "I've been holding 'ctrl' and 'alt' for the past two minutes, and nothing is happening at all on my whole damn computer, because you made me scratch the software."
by Dreben_2097 August 20, 2005
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What you should never lend to friends if it is imortant to you.
If you paid good money for it, it will get scratched easier.
It will also be lost faster.
A circular device that will scratch even though you know for a fact that it has never been dropped.
"Hey Bill, can I borrow that C.D. for a couple days to put on my Ipod?"
"Sure Frank, but don't lend it out to anyone, Ok?"
"Gotcha." Bill did not hear a word he said. Frank will never see the C.D. ever again in this world.

Three days later.

"Bill do you have my C.D?"
"Na man, I gave it to this really hot chick who really liked the band so I lent it to her."
"Well, what was her name so I can track it down."
"Forgot, she was really hot."
by Jacob Stewart March 13, 2008
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by SHIBBY-ONE April 17, 2005
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As well as Change Directory, can mean Current Directory in certain Operating systems.
by Shppos August 06, 2003
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by Zan Cortes April 19, 2011
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CD = Compact Disc
CD is short for compact disc.
A CD (or compact disc) is the thing that you stick in your CD player/boombox/radio to play music on. A CD is the newer version of a record. CD can also be written C.D. or Cd or cd or c.d.
How the hell do you not know what a CD is?????? You must be a dumbass!

I love the CD called "In Utero" by Nirvana
My mom has so many tapes! What is with her? It's a whole new millenium! She needs to start using CDs!
by I_Love_Me October 13, 2004
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