CD = Compact Disc
CD is short for compact disc.
A CD (or compact disc) is the thing that you stick in your CD player/boombox/radio to play music on. A CD is the newer version of a record. CD can also be written C.D. or Cd or cd or c.d.
How the hell do you not know what a CD is?????? You must be a dumbass!

I love the CD called "In Utero" by Nirvana
My mom has so many tapes! What is with her? It's a whole new millenium! She needs to start using CDs!
by I_Love_Me October 13, 2004
As well as Change Directory, can mean Current Directory in certain Operating systems.
by Shppos August 06, 2003
compact disk
You've been in a box the past decade if you dont know what a CD is
by dawn June 15, 2002
Short for Clearly Diluted.
Man, that's he's so CD.
by Jack April 10, 2003
condom contraceptive, the snake sleeve that keeps you from multiplying.
"bra! I got me a mean hummer by da bar, flick us a cd, i'm a slam her"
by stakd December 02, 2007
Cute daddy. In reference to a father with kids who is cute to a male or female bystander.
Did you see the CD with the kids?
by Rocky Mountain High December 02, 2006
Short slang term for condom, and it my be used in front of parents
"he dude let me borrow a CD"
by I'm_in_ur_MOM!! April 10, 2006

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