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Iffy. Questionable.
Sara is kind of a sketchy person to hang out with because she gets drunk a lot and she tends to get other people in trouble.
The directions on this worksheet are sketchy. I do not think that they are giving the correct information on how to multiply fractions.
by I_Love_Me November 08, 2004
No. "Nah" and "no" mean the same thing. "Nah" is often followed by "man." As in "nah, man."
-Person 1: Do you wanna go to the movie theater?
-Person 2: Nah.
-Person 1: Do you want to go strip in front of my neighbor's house?
-Person 2: Nah, man. That's just gross.
by I_Love_Me November 08, 2004
Reckless, fidgety, impatient, SOMETIMES anxious or nervous.
I am getting all antsy just waiting for the next book in my favorite series to come out.
by I_Love_Me November 22, 2004
Another spelling of the word "rocks." Rox is a shorter and sometimes cooler version of "rocks."
Hannah is awesome! She rox!
Ben rox!
This new song rox!
She rox! = She rocks!
by I_Love_Me October 12, 2004
A short or slang way of saying "them"
Person 1: Do you like potatoes?
Person 2: Oh yeah! I love 'em!
I can't get enough of 'em.
I love 'em.
I hate 'em.
by I_Love_Me November 22, 2004
A greeting. A way of telling someone you noticed them. Some synonyms of "hello" are: hi, hey, greetings, howdy, hola (Spanish for "hello.")
Hello Sara. How are you?
Hello Danny. I am good.
by I_Love_Me October 12, 2004
EXTREMELY FUN!!!!! One of the most fun things in the world. Not as dangerous as people say/think it is.
I had the time of my life crwod surfing at the Kane Hodder concert! It was the coolest and most fun thing I'd ever done.
by I_Love_Me December 09, 2004

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