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Used often in MMORPG for the word "cooldown", refering to the time needed in order to use again one skill/item of your character
-What's the cd of Rapid Fire ability?
-It's 3 minutes, so use it at the start in order to use it again after that time has passed
by batyah November 02, 2007
31 21
Another way of saying Condom, particularly in the presence of others who you do not want to understand the implications.
Example 1:

Guy 1 knocking on guy 2’s door – “ yo man you know that girl I’ve been meaning to bang for ages; she’s in my room right now! you got any CDs?

Example 2:
Guys talking about last night with some chick, girl walks up to them in the middle of the conversation – “errr… well basically we didn’t have any CDs so nothing happened in the end”

Girl : what you guys talking about?
Guy: nothing really we were gonna jam to some rolling stones but my mate forgot to bring the track
by solventgoose78 September 28, 2011
22 14
A cd has way more bass than an iPod, and cost 300 dollars less.
Fuck your iPod! That shit got no bass. My cd's will own that shit.
by YaggaFragga October 06, 2007
140 137
also a short name for Compact Disk Read Only Memory (CD-ROM). Typically designed to hold up to 90 minutes of audio at 16-bit 44100 Hertz stereo, or 650 megabytes of computer data.
The music CD came with a free computer program.
by Urbanite geek February 02, 2003
47 44
cheating dog
by Zan Cortes April 19, 2011
4 2
A nifty $16 dollar novelty flying disc (frisbee). Oh yea, it contains some music or something, too.
Hey, give me back my novelty flying disc!!!
by McNoolied September 30, 2003
122 120
"Character Development." When an individual undergoes massive transformation to their character, usually with positive implications.
"Angel hasn't been douchey lately, has he?" "Ever since he got a girlfriend, hes gotten blasted with C.D."
by DetectiveV August 31, 2013
4 3