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Cross Dresser; a member of one sex who likes to dress as the other sex
Dude, Carl is a Cross Dresser, and he's pretty hot dressed up like a chick!
by antz March 01, 2003
Can also mean Certificate of Deposit, or a type of bank account that is stored for a certain period of time called the maturation period, and cannot be accessed until that time period is over. It also has a fairly high interest rate.
I put $10,000 in a 1-year CD, and I got $12,115 after it matured.
by some rich guy. August 28, 2003
Condom Demonstration.
Van Quyen, a footballer of Song Lam Nghe An team, played an important match against The Cong team in Hanoi, Vietnam, on last Saturday. That night, he took a call girl to his hotel room. First, Van Quyen took off his shirt and the call girl could see “Reebok” on his left arm. Then, he took off his trousers, and the call girl saw “Nike” on his right thigh. Finally, he took off his Y-fronts, and the call girl felt a bit embarrassed and used her hand to hide and saw “ad” in (Adidas) on the pubic area of Van Quyen and in panic she thought that "ad.." is "aids". She said “are you HIV positive?”. “Nope!”, Van Quyen answered. Well, my tattoos advertise “Nike”, “Reebok” and “Adidas”. “Well, now, CD!!!!!!!!!!!” Call girl asked.
by quan cao tien August 07, 2010
Used often in MMORPG for the word "cooldown", refering to the time needed in order to use again one skill/item of your character
-What's the cd of Rapid Fire ability?
-It's 3 minutes, so use it at the start in order to use it again after that time has passed
by batyah November 02, 2007
A nifty $16 dollar novelty flying disc (frisbee). Oh yea, it contains some music or something, too.
Hey, give me back my novelty flying disc!!!
by McNoolied September 30, 2003
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