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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE™) program sets the professional benchmark for internetworking expertise. Candidates select and prepare for one of the CCIE certification tracks. Then they must pass a qualification exam as well as a hands-on lab exam.
"Holy crap, that dude's CCIE certified. I must pay him lots of money just for being in the same room as me."
by Windexter April 16, 2003
Short for "Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert". This was the original, and for a long time only, qualification that Cisco offered. Today it is seen as one of the highest accreditations of networking skill that there is. The CCIE exam is very hard and very few people get certified, but the salery for CCIEs is often six-figures.
Dude, you're a CCIE? *bows*
by Viiroxi March 02, 2009
Care Cup Is Empty
Means "I don't care"
Guess what I had for lunch?
by SamSwashbuckler March 31, 2009

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