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A misspelling of mongoloid.
My older sister, Becky, is a retarded. She is 12-years old and she has been hooked up to a mashine in her bedroom since she was too years old. She can't talk none except for moans and grunts and she's blind and her face is squished up like a pancake. My dad says she's a moongloid, and that I shouldn't call her a retarded. But all my friends who I charge 25 cents to peek in her window say she is definitely a retarded.
by SamSwashbuckler September 27, 2007
Earth Defense Force is the armed forces for Earth in the computer game Duke Nukem 3D and others in the Duke Nukem franchise.
Duke did more work than the rest of the EDF combined!
by SamSwashbuckler May 11, 2007
A derogatory term for a torrent, as in BitTorrent.
He just got it from a 2rent...
by SamSwashbuckler May 11, 2007
Care Cup Is Empty
Means "I don't care"
Guess what I had for lunch?
by SamSwashbuckler March 31, 2009
Use this to tell a little bitch to go Cry in a shower.
stfu I hate you!
go cias emo.
by SamSwashbuckler June 11, 2008

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