CCD stands for what is called a "Charge Coupled Device". It is the name for the light sensitive chip in cameras. Most notably cameras with 3CCD are better than just CCD.
Hey dude you see my new tube camera?

Dude that camera is shit, get with the times, this is my new canon XL2 with 3CCD technology.
by Radio/TV 4 Life December 24, 2010
CCD aka Communist China Denies is an acronym where ones self is not able to access certain web pages that are accessable in other countries, such as youtube or facebook in China. As this causes annoyance and frustration it is usually accompanied by an outburst of CCD or COMMUNIST CHINA DENIES!! *rage face*
x: hey, heres a link to a youtube video

x: hahahhaha

y: whats so funny?
x: facebook war
y: what?! srs? show
x: *facebook link*
y: WTF CCD!@!!
by chinalaaand December 10, 2010
Compulsive-Complaining Disorder

This is a disease that usually occurs at the age of 15 or 16, especially in the UK during GCSEs. There is no known cure but it usually dies down a bit after that period of time.

However, there are some people who are born with this disease and live their whole life suffering from it. It is, unfortunately, hereditary.

Symptoms include: "FML", more swearing than usual, becoming maniacally depressed at writing with a blue biro, banging head on table, banging head on wall, banging head on any available surface, napping in the afternoon, napping in class, staying up very late in the evenings.
Teen 1: "...and then the homework is in for tomorrow and she hasn't taught us it and there's the coursework and that is fucked up and then..."

Teen 2: "Wow, he's got a bad case of CCD"


Person 1: *banging head against wall* FML. FML. FML.

Person 2: What's wrong?


Person 3: I'd leave her alone, she has CCD

Person 2: *comprehension dawning* oooh
by CCDsufferer March 31, 2010
compulsive catholic disorder.
most kids in ccd don't know what it means.
Mayella: I'm in CCD. I'm really bored. Why am I here??? What the hell does CCD even stand for?

by POTATOooo March 19, 2009
Calm Down.. Calm Down, Don't get a big dick!
Turrets guy : calm DOWN CALM DOWN DONT GET A BIG DICK!!! (CCD)
by Impact_Dark August 08, 2007
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