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abbr. Cottage Cheese Discharge.
male semen, when ejaculated, appears to be like cottage cheese. Most common in dehydrated men. know cure; none as of yet...
"I think I caught something from your mom, all that came out was CCD..."
by STD The Heat April 03, 2008
24 32
Crazy Cunt Disease-Crazy bitch that doesn't shut the fuck up, thinks the world revolves around her and is an all around BITCH. Stay away from this kind of girl! a.k.a "CCD"
That bitch is so crazy she must have CCD!
by JP19 December 20, 2007
12 21
1. To shove a bull's horn up the ass.
2. To be poned beyond poneage.
He got Cc'd in the locker room.

The whole team got Cc'd at the game last night.
by JR&NM Productions September 10, 2009
8 20
Abreviation for Cricket Club of Danville. See also Epartar.
The best cricket team ever is CCD.
by Eric January 19, 2005
6 43