Designator found on the best motorcycles ever made.
I ride a CBR. I am god.
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
Top Definition
motorcycle made by honda, thers 125cc, 250cc, 400cc, 600cc, 929cc, 954cc, 1000cc, 1100cc versions of the bike.
SAM: hey jake lemme ride ur CBR600!
JAKE: screw u man
by sb9889 June 08, 2006
Stands for Captive Bead Ring. Looks like a barbell but instead of two balls it has one ball in the center and is fully closed. Can be worn in almost any piercing.
"I need a 10g CBR"
by Shinku July 20, 2003
Cock Blocking Roaches

Roaches that scare your date off before you can get any action.
EDWIN: "hey AJ , how was your date last night with that girl you met at the club?"

AJ: "I spent $200 taking her out at a restaurant and took her home, I thought I would go all the way until out came the CBR'S!"

EDWIN: "DAMN , Those Cock Blocking Roaches strike again!"
by MIKE Tyler November 07, 2007
Cock Block Rock
in other words, a best friend (a rock) who prevents you from hooking up with another or engaging in sex.
"Justin, can you be my CBR? There's a creeper tryin to talk to me."
by RealGoodFriend November 22, 2009
a chicken and bacon ranch sub from subway, possible the godliest sub ever created.
ill have extra cheese on my CBR sandwich of godlieness.

CBR or die.

of course i want my CBR toasted you newb!

what do you want on the CBR?
tomates? frankies?
lets just skip on to the ranch sauce.
by Fairf November 22, 2007
A member of Team Pointless under the moniker of CowBoy Roy.
CBR is bad ass!
by Phat-Piimp October 10, 2003
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