Sportbike model designation manufactured by Honda from 1987 to 2006. Original name was CB for "City Bike" which was followed with CBR or "City Bike Racer". These super sport sportbikes are praised for their durability, comfort, performance, and useful powerbands. The last model was the CBR600F4i. The CBR line has since 2006 been discontinued and only RR or "Race Replica" models are currently available in the 600cc engine.
CBR does not stand for Crotch Bike Rocket.
by ElectricLadyLand August 20, 2009
Short for: Cock Blocking Radius
A perimeter around a man preventing him from getting any action. Usually consists of people.
Dude, get away from me, how am I going to get laid with you around, you consist of my CBR.
by a-sizzle12 April 01, 2010
Cock Blocking Robot:

A friend, usually a female, who deliberately cock blocks you for their own sick pleasure.
ah mate... she's such a CBR!
by TheStooge November 18, 2010
Gixxer > R1 + CBR + Buell + Kawasucki Ninja + Triumph + Ducati + MVAgusta
Damn, the Gixxer just owns all other sport bikes.
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
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