Someone who is really cool and eats people. People are good... they taste like chicken. Cannibals mostly enjoy feasting on preps and "gangstas" and anyone who doesn't know what Metallica is.
Cannibal: I will eat you.
Prep: OH NO! I'm going to go listen to Avril Lavigne to make me feel better.
Cannibal: Yum, my favorite.
by Deathrider March 24, 2006
a cannibal is any creature that devours another of its own kind. yadda yadda yadda! you can joke about this stuff and all, but when your life is affected by something like that, you sort of warn people never to joke about it again, on pain of death!
crazy guy: i got this disgustingly funny picture of a couple of cannibal...

affected guy: what did i tell you? dont say i didnt warn you!

(affected guy then proceds to strangle crazy guy until crazy guy passes out)
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004
When you're too broke to buy food so instead of stealing it, you eat humans. It's over populated anyway and some people just know how to make you mad. What better way to get rid of them? Eat 'em. No big deal.
"Imma get all cannibal on you if you keep pushing my buttons, Jayqual, I swear! I'm hungry too so don't tempt me!"
by siscossilverhair August 05, 2014
1. Eating your own species
2. Referred to "eating out"
1. Ants are cannibals, because they eat other ants.

2. Girl1: So how was last night with (guys name)?
Girl2: It was amazing, first he went cannibal on me and then things went from there...
by LaChupacabra November 03, 2008
Homosexual performing oral sex, because they are eating their own kind. This is different from heterosexuals performing oral sex, which by definition requires the consumption of an alternative to one self.
Dude, look at those two lezbos munching away like there is no tomorrow! Fucken cannibals!
by Frank Cincella March 20, 2009
someone who eats people instead of food
See fencic
Look at the cannibal eat that guy that is gross
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
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