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is the act or phrase of one human being consuming another. There is little evidence that cannibalism was ever practiced as a routine source of nutrition. It is generally agreed the practice usually carried a special meaning for its practitioners.
Person: Holy shit! Why are you eating me??!!
Cannibal: Relax, man. I'm a cannibal; it's my religion.
by soundbounder June 16, 2008
Someone who has an unnaturally large penis.
Girl 1: Did you eat his cow meat?

Girl 2: Nah, I'm a vegetarian.
by soundbounder June 16, 2008
1. A young woman who has the ambition to take on sexually a lion, a scarecrow, AND a tinman in a universal movie, The Wizard of Oz.

2. A girl who prefers sex with either a lion, tiger or bear rather than a man.
Person 1: Man, I had no idea she was into beastiality!

Person 2: Yeah, what a dorothy.
by soundbounder June 16, 2008
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