Cleveland, Ohio, aka C-Town, is the best city ever and all of its residents are totally awesome.
C-Town is the city where Lebron James reigns as king.
by Brad89 June 01, 2007
It's cleveland, OH.

My home town................
While in school at ISU

Guy in Ames, IA:"Where are you from?"
Me: "c town baby, where u from?"
Guy: "What?!"
Me: "Nevermind, (lol)I'm from Cleveland..."
Guy: "Ohhhhhhh, I'm from Pella..."
Me: "Where?!, oh nevemind, I know, middle of nowhere."
by Nasia November 20, 2006
another name for cleveland ohio given to us by jim rome
i'm going to c-town to hit the clubs on 6th.
by c-townpete May 20, 2008
Similar to the acronym for Chicago, Illinois, chitown, ctown is the shortened version of Cleveland, Ohio.
Im going to Ctown tonight.
by dKell November 03, 2005
a shithole where methamphetamine is made and too many cops hang around...still fun to watch the crime that goes on though
i went to cranbourne(c-town) and got stabbed behind the stadium
by william.ellliot.lee March 06, 2009
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