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vernacular for "Chinatown"
Ah'm goin' down to ctown!
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
a shithole where methamphetamine is made and too many cops hang around...still fun to watch the crime that goes on though
i went to cranbourne(c-town) and got stabbed behind the stadium
by william.ellliot.lee March 06, 2009
cincinnati, Ohio; A city in Ohio, mainly Cincinnati.
I rep C Town All Day.
by Tia Da Natti All Day May 10, 2008
Commerce Township, Michigan.

5 o clock on the rocks, tussin on the kush, summer on the Proud.
you cant understand c town unless you are c town.
by mc rb April 23, 2007
cranford new jersey. instead of saying cranford you say c town
c town a.k.a cranford is ten times better than westfield
by cuties :] May 01, 2007
Refers to Carrollton, Texas.
I would like to kick a shout out to my peeps in C-Town!
by MUmfff July 10, 2008
When you are drunk, or have consumed alcohol and or in the process of "getting crunk" "crunk town"
You Walk you goin yo c town tonight?
by zBizzle April 04, 2006