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abbreviation for Charlottesville, VA, home of Thomas Jefferson's University of Virginia
We're going down to C ville to party at the frats tonight
by B. Clark July 18, 2005
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Canaryville is a small Chicago neighborhood next to the old Stockyards on the south side. Bounded by Halsted, Canal, 39th & 49th, it has been a part of Chicago since 1889, when it was annexed from the Township of Lake. “Canaryville” enjoyed a reputation as one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city from the late nineteenth through much of the twentieth century. A largely Irish community on the South Side adjacent to Bridgeport in the New City community area.
Given its close proximity to the stockyards, the area's physical environment and economic life were shaped by livestock and meatpacking from the 1860s until the industry's decline in the postwar era. Canaryville's name may originally have derived from the legions of sparrows who populated the area at the end of the nineteenth century, feeding off stockyard refuse and grain from railroad cars, but the term was also applied to the neighborhood's rambunctious youth, its “wild canaries.” Gangs helped establish the neighborhood's truculent reputation and were active in attacks on African Americans during the 1919 Race Riot. Boasting a strong Democratic Party machine throughout the twentieth century, Canaryville also embraced a rich Roman Catholic cultural life centered on St. Gabriel's Parish. With the closing of the stockyards and the International Amphitheatre, population in the area began declining in the 1960s. Still populated largely by Irish, Canaryville now includes a sizeable Mexican community.
Where are you from?
Yeah mother fucker Canaryville
by jj5577 December 08, 2008
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shortened term for Charlottesville, VA
Let's hit up C-Ville tonight.
by wfs December 10, 2004
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C ville (or C-Ville) is the term used by any artard whose home town begins with "C" and ends in "ville."

Do not tell them that you don't know where they're talking about, that you've never heard of their town or even suggest that other places begin with "C" and end in "ville" as this will incur their wrath.
Artard 1- "Man, I went back to C ville for Spring Break, hung out with my homies."
Artard 2- "No shit man, you're from Circleville? C-ville represent!"
Artard 1- "Circleville? C-ville is Churchville mofo."
*fight ensues, both idiots die, much jubilation*
by CsvlDaikun March 25, 2007
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A suburb or Washington DC know for its high crime rate and mob mentality, also referred to as Centreville
yo homie you see the shoot out in C ville last night?
by Bad Bad Leroy Brown October 13, 2004
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slang used for Collinsville, Illinois.
C ville is near St. Louis.
by Crossline July 18, 2006
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carpentersville, illinois. a small town in the chicago northwest suburbs. close to dundee, sleepy hollow, elgin, algonquin, and barrington.
me: i graduated from dundee-crown
tom: where is that?
me:in c'ville
tom: oh carpentersville, that's by elgin, right?
me: yup
by omarsg September 25, 2006
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