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After a man ejaculates in a woman, her vagina is sometimes referred to as a 'Soggy Taco.'
I forced Tim to eat my soggy taco last night. Now I think he wants to dump me.
by CsvlDaikun May 09, 2005
The classic drawing tool that uses two knobs to create a drawing using a magnet and metal shvings, Notoriously difficult to create anything intelligble. Often comes on a key-chain.
I spent hours doodling on that Etch-a-Sketch but never got anything but Cubism.
by CsvlDaikun April 23, 2005
C ville (or C-Ville) is the term used by any artard whose home town begins with "C" and ends in "ville."

Do not tell them that you don't know where they're talking about, that you've never heard of their town or even suggest that other places begin with "C" and end in "ville" as this will incur their wrath.
Artard 1- "Man, I went back to C ville for Spring Break, hung out with my homies."
Artard 2- "No shit man, you're from Circleville? C-ville represent!"
Artard 1- "Circleville? C-ville is Churchville mofo."
*fight ensues, both idiots die, much jubilation*
by CsvlDaikun March 25, 2007

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