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A town located under Columbus Ohio . Also known as circleville.Everyone who lives in town are either stoners, whores , trailor trash , or white kids who think they are black, and they is probably less than 10 black kids in the whole town. Pumpkin Show is the biggest event in town . Also where the biggest store is Wal-Mart and theres a dollar store around every corner and most likely a group of fuck ups skating around on there cheap skate board from Wal-Mart or 360 city. And where atleast 1 person in your family has worked at McDonalds .Everyone hangs out at
Circle -D and/or McDoanlds on the weekends and cruises around town with there gangster music tuned all the way up.Everyone knows everyone . You also have to be crazy to believe there is no drug dealers living there. It is the smallest most boringly stupid place on earth.
" hey Tony you going out tonight ?"
" Yea I'm going to Pumpkin Show ."
" Cool, Kaylas meeting me in downtown C-ville ."
" Sweet ...If i give you $5 will you buy me a joint?"
" Dude, I can get them for free , Kayla's dad gots the hook up."
" fucking right!"
by Thatstight March 19, 2007

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