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A versatile word which can be used in many contexts such as expression of boredom, disgust, hatred or repulsion. By itself, it can be used as an interjection to indicate the same. Can be used in many occasions where the exact feeling cannot be properly expressed or a mixture of feelings come into play.
Today's match was so bwaa !

Feeling really bwaa tonight !
Eww! That tastes so bwaa !

Bwaa ! I dont give a damn
by brat11 March 25, 2011
The call of the Jamaican Pteradactyl. This sound is often immitated by debauched fools in a bid to encourage the cooking of pudding noodles.
Jamaican Pteradactyl flies overhead, 'Bwaa bwaaa!'

Dribbling maniac: 'Bwaa bwaaa!'
Other dribbling maniac in reply: 'Bwaa Bwaaa!'
(the smell of pudding noodles slowly fills the room)
by MC Junior Abrasion April 21, 2007
slang for why, normally said in a loud voice, originated by rae, who when she is trashed makes up the craziest words
Jenna: omg what did you just say?
Rae: BWAA, do u wanna know?
by Rae Jen October 02, 2005
"baller with an attitude"
something to say when going fast or moving fast
random word to say
bwaaa bwaaaa bwaaa or bwaa? or your a bwaa
by geoff March 09, 2003